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Affordable Dentures in Glen Ellyn

Restore Missing Teeth With High Quality Dentures

Custom Made Affordable Dentures for Patients With Missing Teeth

Patients who are missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw may be good candidates for dentures, a viable tooth replacement solution for many of our patients. Dr. Brian Shin can create a custom set of dentures to improve overall functioning of the mouth and restore your smile. Our dentures look and feel very natural, so you can finally smile with confidence.

Fixed Dentures for Missing Teeth

If you have lost all of your teeth in the upper or lower arch, you may be a good candidate for fixed dentures. These types of dentures are placed permanently and cannot be removed without the help of a dentist. We may place a set of dental implants to support fixed dentures.

Traditional Dentures for Missing Teeth

If you have not lost a significant amount of bone tissue after losing your teeth, you may be a good candidate for traditional dentures. These dentures are secured on the gums with adhesives or paste. They can be removed for easy cleaning and have minimal complications. Many denture wearers do need to have their dentures replaced at some point because the mouth changes and the internal structure may shift over time.

How Partial Dentures Work

Patients with some natural teeth remaining may be good candidates for affordable dentures that are supported by existing teeth. Partial dentures are attached to existing teeth with metal or plastic clasps, and can restore the smile and provide better function. We can explain how partial dentures work and what to expect from treatment during your consultation.

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